Parish Youth Ministry Suggestions

Effective youth ministry is the coming together of the present and future of the Church to help and empower the next generation to grow in relationship with Christ and the Church….. It’s the movement that takes the Church’s relevancy and impact to the next level.

“If parishes are to be worthy of the loyalty and active participation of youth, they will need to become “youth friendly” communities in which youth have a conspicuous presence in parish life. These are parish communities that value young people welcoming them into their midst – listening to them, responding to them, supporting them with prayer, time, facilities, and financial resources recognising and empowering their gifts and talents – giving them meaningful roles in leadership and ministry and encouraging their contributions. These are parish communities that provide young people with opportunities for inter-generational relationships – developing relationships with adults who serve as role models and mentors”                                                                                         American Catholic Bishops

ü  Make it Matter

ü  Make it Real

ü  Make it Christ-centred

ü  Be clear in your message

ü  Surround yourself with a good team

ü  Make it attractive

ü  Move it out…

ü  Accept the messiness

ü  Keep asking questions

ü Become & remain a learning/growing ministry.

Questions to ask?????

What is our understanding of Youth Ministry???

Finding ways to let your young people know that the most important relationship in their lives is the one they will have with GOD.

What is our vision of youth ministry within the parish?

Our Youth ministry effort is making church matter by growing next generation disciples who will grow other disciples, so that we can influence others to do the same.

What is the mission? “Love God, Love Others, & Make Disciples”

Open the door of hearts, minds and hands to Christ

When we give the next generation wisdom that never fails, we prepare them for the battle of everyday life. By helping them discover what’s relevant and what’s important –we will find them returning the investment. When we inspire the mind, the heart and the will of young people, we create a movement that will inspire our entire Church community to grow deeper.

Where to start???

Design a program that is sustainable

Pick a day/time that suits

Recruit people who see the big picture

Begin small

Make adjustments along the way

A variety of Parish suggestions

  •       Catholic Schools Week –(January of each year)-, create a prayer wall in school, local primary school, or in the parish – invite parish primary and secondary schools to work together on a parish youth project
  •       Year of Mercy Project – Invite the young people to gather together stories of forgiveness and mercy that they have experienced for themselves and compile it into a parish book of Mercy.
  •       Have a Team Building day/evening snacks and pizza a good idea.
  •       Invite Elation Ministries/ Ignite Gospel Choir to lead a workshop on music or to do the music and have a Youth Mass in the parish, let young people take part in certain liturgies.
  •       Parish Exam Mass
  •       Charity Information evening-3 options; Trocaire, Mary’s Meals & SVP
  •       Darkness into Light – Saturday 7th May (4:15am)
  •       Foroige/No Name/ Gaa appreciation evening.
  •       Art –Paint, draw, design some art for display in the Church, could be weekly connected to the gospel, could be just for Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.
  •       Make resources for use in the local primary schools;
  • –          Option 1 a PowerPoint on patron saint for juniors,
  • –          Option 2 PowerPoint on St Patrick for Senior school,
  • –          Option 3 a PowerPoint on SVDP and the work they do locally, how can the kids help.  Could be other resources also, blogs, whiteboard interactive ideas.
  •       Parish or Diocesan Youth Day-  Invite local parishes to cluster together and organise a day event Sat or Sun for JPII’s.  Gathering Liturgy, Celebrate life-fun, game, paint, song or reflection.  Workshop 1 then a sharing/testimony, Workshop 2, end with prayer time or Mass if it’s on a Sunday.   Have a choice of 2 workshops from about 6 possibilities could include:  Lifeworks, Andrew O Connell, Youth 2000, NET Ministries, Prayer Guidance, Meditation, Drumming, Evangelisation, Love and Relationships, Vocations, Gap Year opportunities, How to pray, BIBLE, Net Ministries  
  •       Invite Net Ministry Team or Youth 2000 Mission Team or Team for a morning or evening event.
  •       Hold a parish youth evening/meeting once a month, prayer, scripture, sharing, speakers, music, reflections, activities etc…
  •       Parish Website Youth Section or do a Youth Blog.  Create a Parish Newsletter 3 times a year with an update of what young people are involved in or what is available to them….could be included in New Dawn magazine on behalf of the parish.
  •       Have a parish competition such as paint a bible story, (junior) draw a symbol for faith, (senior) chose any quote that best explains faith for you and why? (Teenager)  Design a logo about faith for young people and explain it!  (Teenager)  Set deadlines for all and display work in the parish centre or Church.
  •       Movie Night (Inspiring and faith filled movies)
  •       Feast of Christ the King-Commissioning Service for all from the parish taking part in JPII Award (or another time that suits the parish)
  •       Remembrance Service in November, invite the young people to get involved in the liturgy that already exists in parish, for example organise candles to represent those who have died in the last year.  Have a memory tree or tree of life with leaves, on the leaves young people invite people to write the name of the people they are praying for/remembering.
  •       Christmas Display of Art in the Church
  •       Christmas-Create a Live Crib with animals, invite children and family from parish, sing carols, have reflections and donation to a chosen cause.
  •       Christmas-Support Toy appeal with SVDP and other Christmas appeals, could speak at Mass or in local primary school, on local radio station, put a notice in the local papers.
  •        ‘Grandparents Day’, get young people to host an evening Mass or celebration for Grandparents, invite them at Masses the weekend before, design a prayer card for Grandparents and distribute in their school or the national school.   Celebrations could include, art workshop, music and entertainment, bingo, coffee/tea morning, quiz etc.


DYC Events

  • Tochár Phadraig (Stage 1) (Ballintubber Abbey to Aughagower)
  • Tochar Phadraig (Stage 2) (Aughagower to Croagh Patrick)
  • Croagh Patrick Climb –
  • Knock Summer Youth Project –(VAKS) volunteers needed for training. (19th/26th June)
  • Michaela Summer Camp – Knock
  • World Youth Day  – 24th July- 2nd August 2016





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