My VAKS Experience – Emma Kirrane (Tuam)

This summer during the summer holidays, myself along with many other teenagers from around the area took part in the Volunteering at Knock Shrine Project. This project was held throughout the summer and it was seen as a massive aid to knock shrine, particularly at the time of the novena.We attended training days to prepare us for the work that we would be taking part in. During these training days we learned some basic first aid knowledge, information about knock shrine and its history, what our role would be when we would be volunteering and also what we could do for the old, sick and disabled people who visited the shrine. I found these training days really beneficial and it made me more comfortable in my role as a volunteer. The project, I felt personally was a great experience. I got to meet so many new, interesting people. People who had come from all areas of the world, people who were locals, people who had been coming to knock all their lives, people who were young, people who were old and also lots of teenagers! I was given a great opportunity to aid these people with directions, guidance and a helpful hand. Some even saw us as magnets of assistance with our brightly coloured orange and green “HI” jumpers. I really enjoyed my experience as being a volunteer in knock shrine and I would highly recommend any teenager who is interested to go for it. I myself am, already looking forward to volunteering again next summer. 

Emma Kirrane
Volunteer at Knock Shrine 2015

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