My Experience of the Peer for Peer Programme – Aoife Carney

Peer for peer was the most rewarding experience of TY yet. We went to 2 training sessions before going out to the school. I really enjoyed the training because it was different from anything I had done before. We bonded over tea and biscuits and it was like we were all one big group of friends rather than 2 trainers and a group of students. We went through all the exercises we were expected to do with the children and that was a real advantage when we went to the school.

 My team mates and I were sent to talk to the 6th class of Claremorris Girls National School. On the first day we were a bit apprehensive while we were walking up to the school but when we entered the classroom we left that feeling behind as we were greeted with a warm welcome from both the students and the teachers. We completed 2 different sessions with the children, the first on Friendship and the second on Smoking and Alcohol.

In the first session I was responsible for the recap(as the other group had been there before us) so this mean I was the first to speak. When I asked for the rooms attention everybody was quiet and looked at me. That’s when it hit me that these group of girls were very impressionable so it was important to try and equip them with the right mindset to make big decisions. All the girls were so receptive and when we left the room I really felt like I had made a difference. I was so looking forward to returning the next week. When we went to the school the following week all the girls were so happy to see us coming and we were happy to see them. When we left that room after our last session all the girls said their goodbyes and the teacher said her thanks. I really felt like I have made a difference to those girls life and I really enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish.



By Aoife Carney, Mount St. Michael, Claremorris

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