Launch of the 10th Edition of New Dawn

This powerful speech was delivered by two fantastic young ladies, Caoilfhinn MacLeod and Ellen Power at the launch of the 10th edition of the New Dawn Magazine in Louisburg on the 19th February 2015. “In such a huge diocese it can be difficult for us all to feel we belong to the same community, that we have a common identity and a shared vision from Killeen and Louisburgh on the Wild Atlantic Way to the more tranquil Fields of Athenry, from the northern shores of Achill to the Shannon’s banks at Moore. As young people we are now very accustomed to being connected 24 hours a day to those we share interests with; we are accustomed to almost instant notification of happenings in the lives of our friends, from the most trivial to the most profound, through mobile technology and social media. In 2015, to have a life, is to communicate. Through New Dawn this is what our church in the Tuam Archdiocese is doing, it is communicating, letting us and other parishes know what is happening, keeping us connected, keeping us in touch and in that way helping build up a common identity. New Dawn keeps the people of the diocese up to date with real life stories, reports and planned events, from the most trivial to the most profound. It can remind us that we are all trying to live the message of Jesus Christ in our own families, communities, parishes, schools and clubs. New Dawn lets us know we are not alone in that pursuit. Caoilfhinn spoke of how the magazine can link us together and remind us of a shared vision, how it can help us form and strengthen a common identity as Catholics who try to live the message of Jesus Christ. New Dawn magazine presents a huge opportunity for all church members, pastoral councils, parish committees, schools and all church related groups to see and understand the link from their local activities to a region or diocese and through that to the church at national and global level. This is an important function of this magazine. The danger is that we become very short sighted and only focus on very local and very short-term issues and happenings. We can easily spend most of our energy addressing inward-looking internal issues, instead of looking at the church as a whole. As young people we feel there is now a need to remind us of the common history we share in Tuam Archdiocese, to remember the dreams that galvanised people in the past to build up a vibrant church across the region, and again inspire new leaders come forward to rebuild church as a community that truly reflects the values and message of Jesus Christ. A magazine like New Dawn can be the medium through which our common Christian vision is articulated. New Dawn can, and should, be part of the communication of this vision by all of us acting together as a local church. New Dawn magazine offers us a platform, it is one we should use. It can encourage engagement rather than non-engagement and promote new ways of living our faith, rather than just always doing things the way they were always done. I hope all of us, young and not so young, parish councils, church groups, priests and Archbishop use New Dawn magazine as a platform to help build a church that allows us all share a common identity as members that live the values and message of Jesus. I, on behalf of the Youth of Kilgeever Parish, am very happy to now declare this edition of New Dawn officially launched.”



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