The Diocesan Choir was officially launched on Sunday the 9th of Dec 2012.  Its launch coincided with an anniversary celebration of Foróige in Islandeady.  The whole celebration was wonderful with readings all done by members of Foróige and the music throughout provided by the DYChoir.  As always the choir continually encourage new members to join them as they journey around the diocese to be a part of parish masses. 

January saw the choir make it’s way to Our Lady of the Wayside church in the parish of Letterfrack.  It was a wonderful evening of prayer and song and mass was celebrated by Fr. Gerry Burns.  Refreshments were served afterwards in Letterfrack and their was a great atmosphere of joy and celebration at the endless possibilities that our church has for youth.

February brings us to Ballinrobe parish.  This time we are holding both our choir practice as well as the actual singing for the mass in the parish church.  The idea being that those locally who would like to be a part of the choir can be!  Our practice takes place on Sunday Feb.10th from 12.30 til 2 in Ballinrobe Church.  We will sing at the parish mass on Sat eve. 23rd Feb at 7.30pm.  For futher details contact Trish 09352284 or email trishobrienyouth@gmail.com

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